• 751 samples have been received this year.
  • No Peach-potato aphids have been found in samples during the last week.
  • Potato aphids were found in 1 sample from Northern England during the last week.
  • Black-bean aphids (a good vector of PVA) were found in 1 sample from the Borders during the last week.
  • Numbers of potato virus vectors were much lower than the 10 year average across GB in the last week.
  • Lower numbers of all three cereal aphid species than their 10 year averages were caught across GB in the last week.
  • Aphid monitoring in seed potatoes is coming to an end in the southern half of GB but continues in Northern England and Scotland.

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Aphid monitoring water trap results for 2016
Aphid monitoring water trap results for the UK Aphid monitoring water trap results for the UK

We have received a total of 753 samples so far in 2016.

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If a regions bounding box is coloured red, then at least one Peach-Potato aphid has been captured in the last 10 days in that region. If there is a date to the left of a region, this is the date the first peach-potato aphid was captured in that region.

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